Local Fitness Instructors Offering At-Home Classes
Jessica Erfer, APPC-V

A few local fitness instructors that I personally know and have used at one time or another are hosting virtual work outs, many in a “pay as you can” format. While youtube can be great, these are local instructors that need your support if you’re able to lend it. I’ll update this as I find new local instructors offering classes.

Nick doing his thing from his RHSQ apartment

Nick Turk– Nick is my favorite SoulCycle instructor and he is hosting workouts three times a day, increasingly working with other local organizations and businesses. It’s pay as you can (via venmo), and he keeps them on his feed for a bit after the live instruction is over.

Fuel Fitness

Fuel Cycle Fitness – Based in Ardmore, Jen’s studio does cycle and boxing classes. She’s also very active in the community, hosting classes and seminars to help teen girls build self esteem. She’s hosting and saving boxing classes and other workouts that you can do from home with no extra equipment. These are pay as you are able via venmo.

Performance Fitness – Michelle and Brett are hosting workouts via Zoom. DM the owner, Michelle, via Facebook and she will give you the links. I believe they are offering a few for free, and then an “online membership” after the first few. Their classes are great and the community is inclusive and supportive. Her studio is located in Wynnewood near the Penn Wynne Library. Contact her for more specific details on joining the classes and payment options.

Rumble Boxing – While this is a chain, there is a location in Rittenhouse. Having taken a few of these classes in the studio, I can safely say these are intense classes in studio. I cannot attest to what the trainers are doing at home, but they are offering live instagram workouts. The schedule is posted on their page.

Karen is doing weekly storytime yoga for kids

Alluem Yoga – not hyper local (North Jersey), but very diverse offerings. My six year old has been loving the nightly kids meditation classes. Kid, tween, adult, and beginner yoga and meditation classes. Some are pay as you can and others pay per class. Karen is a relaxing presence. More info on Instagram, and sign up via the Mind Body app.

#Staying fit-ish
Gary Gehman, APPC-V

On days when the weather permits, I try to take a socially-distanced walk around the neighborhood. Yesterday was a perfect day for a walk.

Spring blossoms near Germantown Friends School
Historic Penn-Knox neighborhood in Germantown
Local community garden

#mynewoffice #meetmynewcoworkers
Monica Czuczman, APPC-V
When the sun is out, Sunshine from down the hall likes to pop into my office for some belly scratches.
Yuki, my actual office mate, does not approve of this intradepartmental affair.

Z & LR #meetmynewcoworkers
Zachary Reese, APPC-V
This photo is from the last time they left the house… MARCH 9th 😓😓😓

Ellen Iwamoto, APPC-V
Possibly the most adorable new APPC worker! Meet Norah, Madison’s little girl. Her onesie captures what we want this blog to be.

Ellen Iwamoto, APPC-V

This is Stu, who sleeps on the job during the day, but wakes up right about 5 p.m. to start pestering us for dinner. So I know when the day is done. He’s a little puzzled why his humans are home so much, but OK with it. At night, when my husband is working, Stu likes to hang around his “office” and offer support. He’s a daddy’s boy.
The APPC compost bin has moved operations to my basement, and the worms are going about their job without much fuss. Except they are annoyed because someone keeps forgetting to save the coffee grounds! They’re camera-shy but may post a pic later.

Welcome to APPC-V’s Community Blog
Ellen Iwamoto, APPC-V

Hello, APPC friends!

We miss you! To help us all keep in touch we’ve set up a blog for the APPC community. We’ll put information about Penn’s health resources here and other official Penn information. But what we really want to know is how you are coping? How is that full-time parenting while working full time going? Who is “helping” in your new office? How are you exercising? Got an app to recommend? What’s your favorite live webcam or go-to site for downloading free books? And of course, what are you bingeing on Netflix? Or if you just have an anecdote or story about adjusting to our new world, please share.

We’ll set up topics for each week, but feel free to post at will on any topic.

Week 1:
Exercise! What are you doing? Do you have a favorite app or YouTube series?

WFH! What’s your “office” at home? Who are your new coworkers? #mynew office #mynewcoworkers Photos welcome!

Other topics to come: Healthy eating/cooking/baking, free books to download, virtual tours that you like, best live webcams, favorite TV shows and movies. Suggestions welcome!

If you’re comfortable posting on WordPress, contact me and I’ll send you log-in credentials. Otherwise, you can send your posts to me.

Please note that this is a publicly accessible website.