Why Google Docs for FactCheck team?

  1. FC has had serious issues with losing content in the past due to disconnects
  2. FC has a time consuming writing procedure that can be optimized using the features in Google Docs (chat, suggest edits)
  3. FC writes longform, and the WordPress editor is not meant for anything more than “blog posts”
  4. FC is not comfortable with markup in any way. Some of their tickets are because of HTML. Getting them out of the editor and into a pure WYSIWYG environment will let us control the markup with no responsibility for it.
  5. FC staff has broken WP in the past from the admin panel and clicking on things. The less time they spend in the admin area, the easier for them.
  6. We reduce reliance on our WP instance and offload it onto Docs, which has fantastic uptime and is actually built for writing.
  7. WordPress 5 will introduce Guttenberg, which will have a steeper learning curve than Docs (and will break a ton of features). FC has expressed dislike for Guttenberg.
  8. The less time FC spends in the admin area, the lower our EC2 bill (in theory). Having only a “publish post” person in there instead of the whole team should have a huge impact.

1. Google might go out of business. Or at least pull these features.
2. And we’re reducing ownership of our content if we move to Docs while we currently host all the services ourselves.