Homemade everything!

I’ve always enjoyed baking and cooking, so I’ve been finding even more time to make all kinds of great food lately.

I made some delicious no-knead bread (recipe from King Arthur Flour here) to go with Italian vegetable soup (our second batch in 2 weeks, because we now have lots of time to sit around chopping cups and cups of veggies). We also made colcannon with potatoes, cabbage, and bacon, which I’d never had before but have decided it needs to be part of my go-to rotation of meals. I’ve also made applesauce, cookies, beans, cornmeal hotcakes, and more!

This past week was also my first time celebrating Passover! We had a virtual seder with my boyfriend’s family, eating brisket and potato kugel we had delivered and drinking grape juice from CVS. And we’ve been eating chocolate covered matzah, mandel bread, and matzah brei all week. (And some healthier things too, I swear!)

I also tried my hand at making the dalgona coffee I’ve been seeing everywhere on social media – it’s just instant coffee, sugar, and water that you whisk or whip together until stiff and foamy. Very strong and a little bitter, but definitely a fun experiment!

Next up: sourdough starter? We’ll see how that goes…