Add a new organization to CRN

The dropdown list of organizations on the Add Resource page doesn’t update dynamically. We need to add the organization through the form editor.

First we’ll need the ID number of the organization we’d like to add. The easiest way to get this is from the Organizations dashboard (Admin Dashboard > Resources > Organizations). Hover over the organization name to display additional information, including the ID number. In this case it’s 1901, so we’ll make a note of that.

Now we need to locate the form on the backend. Navigate to the forms dashboard (Forms > Forms) and click on the form titled “Adding a new resource”. This brings up the edit screen for said form.

Scroll down until you see the form field titled “All Organizations”.

Click on this to expand the editable options. There’s a long list of field choices. This is where we’ll add our new organization. Click on “Show Values” at the top-right corner of this list to show the ID numbers for each field.

Aside: I’ve found the show values toggle to be a little buggy, occasionally showing the name of the organization instead of the value. If this happens, try toggling the checkbox off and on again a few times, or navigate to a different form field and navigate back. If all else fails, refresh the page and try again.