FactCheck.org video links

The current CSV is video list and a companion clickable html file is 821postswitholdvideolinks

To update the links, find the Custom Fields section of the post and look for something like EmbeddedVideo1. There you’ll see a lot of code but you only need to change the highlighted blue part in this screenshot.

Note the numbers and/or letters at the end of the link. In this example, the end of the link is 56454d327f0. Look in the spreadsheet and find the link of the associated mp4. In this example it’s https://static.video.factcheck.org/vid/answers.mp4.

Your new link will be like https://static.video.factcheck.org/vid/THIS-PART-IS-DIFFERENT-FOR-EACH-VIDEO.mp4. Copy the example link.

Please delete everything in the quotes after src=.

Paste the new link between those quotes after src=.

Save your work.