Getting Videos onto FactCheck


There are videos we own and there are videos we’ve gotten from that video place:
– If we own it, just put it on YouTube. Then paste the YouTube link in the editor.
– If we don’t own it, use YouTube to convert the video and then delete it off of YouTube.

Notice that videos don’t necessarily have to be put onto YouTube at all. You can try and just upload them as-is. Then if the video fails, just do it the careful way below. Or you can always do it the careful way. Or mix and match.

Step 1: Upload video to YouTube

Use whichever account login makes sense for your project: factcheck, ymr, etc. Copy the URL from the address bar.

Step 2: Download converted video

Go to online video convert
– Paste the link from Step 1
– Select “mp4”
– Click “Download”

Step 3: Upload to WordPress

Video can be uploaded like any other media. If it’s a video we own, then just paste the youtube link into the editor. On its own line.

In case the reader doesn’t know how to upload media to wp, add a some doc here!!!