Kitchen Scrap Gardening for Kids (and You)

Repurpose a yogurt container

Here’s a preview of the Monthly Green Tip for ASC’s March/April staff newsletter.

Spring is here, and during this surreal time, gardening is huge. Swamped with orders, thousands daily,  online seed companies are telling buyers to expect delays as they catch up and let their staff take needed breaks. But you don’t need to order seed starter kits or special pots to get your kids or yourself into growing plants. What you have around the house works: repurpose yogurt containers or the plastic containers that hold lettuces or roast chickens. Just puncture holes in the bottom for drainage. And, surprise, you can plant seeds that are in your kitchen scraps: orange or lemon seeds, avocado pits, carrots, scallions, and more. Check out this website, Kids Gardening, to learn more about kitchen scrap gardening. The site also offers lesson plans and ideas for teachers. Note: If you need potting soil, some  grocery stores carry small bags as well as vegetable and flower plants. Avoid using soil from a yard because it can have diseases and pests.
If you are looking for gardening supplies in the area, check out this Inquirer article.