Meet Jola #meetmynewcoworker

My wife and I have been wanting to adopt a second dog for a while now. We’ve had our original fur baby, Zosia (pronounced Zo-sha, it’s Polish for Sophie), since we adopted her from a shelter in Montreal in 2011.

Zosia, as a very sassy puppy

For various reasons, we did not have the opportunity to do it until earlier this year, we came across an organization that saved street dogs, mostly from Russia. We had every intention of rescuing a dog from a local shelter but every dog that would have been a good fit got adopted before we set foot in the shelter (sad for us but great that dogs in the area are getting new homes!). So we were excited that a two and a half year old dog was already coming from Moscow. She arrived in the evening of the 14th of March, and has been settling in very quickly.

Jola, settling in her new home.

In many ways, it has been a perfect timing to get a new dog, having to work from home. We didn’t plan it like that, but it has certainly worked out well, with Jola (pronounced Yo-Lah, which is a Polish name) getting extra attention and help to settle in.

New sisters playing tug.
Jola spends about 25% of the day looking outside the window, making sure people in West Philly are flattening the curve and staying home.

So far my new coworkers have been getting along just fine. Zosia loves her new sister, and Jola is feeling quite confident at her new home.