Penn Mail Usage
Zachary Reese,

All mail sent through the Penn Mail Service from 202 S. 36th Street requires a Mail Authorization Card for the account to which the cost should be billed. If there is no card for your project and you are not sure about having a “postage” budget line, speak with the Business Office.

The Penn Mail Service is not to be used for personal mail.

UPS-Express Usage
Zachary Reese,

Use UPS-Express only when speed or tracking of delivery is necessary. All UPS airbills must be created using Penn’s online shipping system. To be added to this system as a shipper, please contact Lena Buford in the Business Office. Once you have been added to the system, you will need to contact the Business Office before each shipment or group of shipments to obtain a billing code. This code is entered in the description field when creating the airbill.

The least expensive type of delivery [usually “ground” in your own packaging] should be used for all shipments unless next-day delivery is absolutely necessary.