Supervisor Responsibilities
Zachary Reese,

It is important to plan for the arrival of a new employee. The supervisor should be in the office and available and the APPC staff should be alerted. The welcome and orientation to the new position should be worked out in advance.

1-2 Weeks Prior to New Employee’s Arrival

  • Alert APPC IT Support with employee’s computer, phone and e-mail access needs [If a new computer or specialized software is required, request from the Business Office much earlier.]
  • Alert ASC Payroll with reminder that employee will be coming to see her the first day of work. [Ask Director of Finance to notify ASC of account to be charged.]
  • Contact new employee with reminder about I.D. items required for Payroll processing.

First Day of Employment

  • Meet with Director of Finance to collect office key, arrange card swipe access, timesheets, discuss vacation and benefits
  • Meet with ASC Payroll liaison to be entered into Payroll system
  • Introduce to APPC staff, especially project colleagues
  • Orient employee to the position and its work

First Week of Employment

  • Penn I.D./PennKey – Once employee is in Payroll database, take him/her to Franklin Building to get Penn I.D. and the PennKey access
  • Direct Deposit of Salary – All APPC employees are requested to arrange for Direct Deposit of salary. Once in the Payroll system, this can be done online.
  • Follow-up – It is a supervisor’s responsibility to make sure any employee understands the requirements of a position and how to fulfill them. This is critical with a new employee.

Introductory Period – Four Months

All new regular staff members are subject to an Introductory Period during the first four months of employment. The purpose of the Introductory Period is to determine if the new staff member meets the performance expectations for the position and if continued employment is warranted. During this time, a supervisor should meet at least monthly with the employee, giving job evaluation.

If at any time the supervisor thinks there is the potential for terminating the employee at the end of this period, the supervisor should discuss with the Staff Director preliminary procedures.

During the Introductory Period staff members do not accrue Paid Time Off. A staff member whose employment is terminated during this period will not receive payment for Paid Time Off days. However, upon completion of the Introductory Period, Time Off will be credited retroactively to the initial date of employment. Upon completion of the Introductory Period, a staff member may request Paid Time Off.