Green Practices

APPC is committed to sustainability in the workplace. Please follow these guidelines.
UPenn has single-stream recycling. Recyclables can go in any recycling bin.
• All plastic, including takeout containers, utensils, bottles, plates, etc.
• All metal, including cans, aluminum foil, trays
• Glass (no broken mirrors)
• Paper, including office paper, newspapers, magazines, junk mail
• Cardboard, including milk cartons, takeout containers (no greasy pizza boxes)
Special recycling boxes in the copier area of each floor:
• CFL bulbs
• Cell phones and chargers
• Batteries, all types
• Used pens, markers, highlighters
• Ink cartridges
• DVDs, CDs, cases
• Brita filters

E-waste: Collected by the IT staff in the 3rd floor Media Center.
Personal electronics used for work may be donated for recycling.

Books: Donate books at book-share site in atrium, or give books to Ellen in 307. Book drive in the summer.

Shoes: Collection bin in lobby.

Eyeglasses: All prescription eyeglasses, readers and sunglasses. Collection box in lobby.

Plastic bags: Collection bags attached to recycling bins in kitchens.

Food waste: Compost pails in all refrigerators. Information on the refrigerators.

Kitchens: Please make use of reusable dishes and utensils and dish towels.

• Bubble wrap
• Styrofoam
• Packing peanuts
• Light bulbs
• Tissue paper
• Paper towels
• Wax-lined cardboard such as disposable hot coffee cups
• Plastic wrap
• Candy wrappers, chip bags