Paid Time Off

Paid time off is taken only with the advanced permission of a staff member’s supervisor. Monthly paid staff are to use the Penn online PTO system.

Staff members accrue Paid Time Off based on their years of service in regular University positions and the date when they began continuous employment with the University. Time served in temporary or occasional positions is not counted in calculating a staff member’s Paid Time Off accrual rate.

All regular staff members who have completed the Introductory Period accrue Paid Time Off in accordance with the following:

Years of Service

Monthly Accrual Rate

Less than 2 years of service

1.250  days

At least 2 years of service

1.417  days

At least 3 years of service

1.583  days

At least 4 years of service

1.750  days

At least 5 years of service

2.000  days

Paid Time Off is accrued monthly and is available for use by the staff member the month following the month of accrual.

A staff member may not have a balance of more than twenty-four (24) Paid Time Off days at any time. If a staff member’s balance is at twenty-four (24) days, the staff member will not accrue any additional days. Days will not be retroactively accrued and credited to the staff member’s Paid Time Off balance.

During the Introductory Period staff members do not accrue Paid Time Off. A staff member whose employment is terminated during this period will not receive payment for Paid Time Off days. However, upon completion of the Introductory Period, Paid Time Off will be credited retroactively to the initial date of employment. Upon completion of the Introductory Period, a staff member may request Paid Time Off.

Regular part time staff members accrue Paid Time Off based on the percentage of a full time schedule worked. Paid Time Off is calculated by determining the number of days which such a staff member would be eligible if the staff member were full-time. That number is divided by the number of hours per week established for the full-time positions in the same department and multiplied by the number of hours the part-time staff member works per week.

Monthly paid staff have the accrual and use of Paid Time Off tracked by the electronic PTO system tracking. Weekly paid staff mark their Paid Time Off on their weekly time sheets for entering into the University Payroll system by Kelly Anderson.

Hourly paid staff members do not earn Paid Time Off.

Unused accrued Paid Time Off at separation. Upon the voluntary or involuntary termination of employment, all regular staff members who have successfully completed their Introductory Period must be paid for their accrued and unused Paid Time Off based on the date of separation.

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