The best way to open a ticket

Why open a ticket?

Because you’d like help with a printer or your computer or your site or the building or fill-in-your-blank. We’re here to support your work.

What happens when you open a ticket?

Every admin immediately receives an email about your ticket: Tim, Ellen, Gary, Karen, Lena, Monica, Ruthie and Zachary. This means
1. You don’t have to CC any of those people.
2. If you send a message on the weekend, the entire tech staff is notified immediately. We have to keep our email available in the case of an emergency.
3. If you have a non-emergency ticket to open during off hours, please consider scheduling your email to go out at 9 AM on the next business day:

So how do you open a ticket?

Easy peasy. Send an email to That’s it.

Wait, if I know the person who will end up handling my ticket, should I just message them directly instead?

That’s tricky. What if that person is out? What if they’re swamped and the task needs to be delegated to someone else? What if someone else is more knowledgeable about your specific scenario? What if someone is already working on a solution and the person you’re messaging has no clue? Don’t trouble yourself doing all that guesswork. Go ahead and open a ticket.

I have a ticket question that’s not addressed here.

Heh. Open a ticket.