Miosk Administration
Zachary Reese, Training


The Miosk Dashboard provides access to all administrative functions for the APPC visitor management kiosk. The ever-present purple box on the right-hand side of the page contains links to three pages: the main dashboard (the list of all active and inactive users), the Add User page, and a page for looking up user timesheets.

How to add a user

Visit the Add User page.

Enter the first name, last name, and classification of the user (student, employee, or visitor).

You can also enter a URL for an avatar image, but in most cases the staff member who takes the user portraits will upload an avatar after the user has been entered into the Miosk.

Click the “Create User” button. That’s it!

How to get a timesheet

The Miosk Dashboard provides a grid of all Miosk users. Each user has two buttons below their name: Edit User and View Timesheet.

Clicking the View Timesheet button will take you to a page showing that user’s current timesheet.

Alternatively, you can visit the View Timesheet page to access logs directly by entering a student’s Miosk ID number (visible on the Add User confirmation screen).

The timesheet reporting feature is still in progress. We’re seeking feedback so we can deliver whatever the best experience is for APPC staff who rely on timesheets. If you have any tips, you can fill out our anonymous feedback form or email the current project leads (Ruthie and Zachary) directly.

How to edit a user

The Edit User button on the Miosk Dashboard allows you to modify any of a user’s metadata with the exception of their Miosk ID (which is automatically assigned when the user is added).

How to remove a user

On the Edit User screen, there’s a tiny trashcan icon next to the user’s name.

Clicking this will bring up a dialog box that will ask you to confirm your action.

Very important: Once you remove a user, they’re gone forever. Not like if you die in the Miosk you die in real life, but all data is deleted and there’s no way to recover it. So be careful, and consider printing a copy of the user’s timesheet to PDF before nullifying their existence.

How to see only who’s in the building right now

Use this link if you’re on the appc wired network.

You could use this if you’re outside of the building and need to know who’s inside. If the page doesn’t load, refresh it.