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How To Map a Network Drive (PC)
Timothy Duff, Uncategorized

1. Click on the Windows Explorer icon in the start bar.

2. Right click the “Computer” tab, click “Map network drive”.

3. In the resulting pop-up window, select a drive letter (in this case, Y:), and enter the full network address (i.e. Be sure to check the “Reconnect at sign-in” checkbox. Then click Finish.

The folder should be mapped automatically, but if it’s not, use your login credentials for authentication.

How To Map a Network Drive (OSX)
Zachary Reese, Uncategorized

In Finder, select Go > Connect to Server (⌘+K). In the field labeled Server Address, type the IP address or local name of the drive you’d like to connect to.


Click Connect. You may see a prompt for credentials. Select Registered User and enter your username and password.


Click Connect again.

To make the mapping persistent (meaning you don’t have to do it every time you restart), go to System Preferences > Users & Groups.

OSX Login Items

Select your account from the sidebar list, then choose the Login Items tab.

OSX Login Items

Click the + icon below the list of login items, then use Finder to navigate to the network drive.

Finder Mount Volume

Click Add. Find the network drive in the list of login items and toggle the checkbox to active to enable mounting at login.