Yoga Lite, 7-minute workout

Like everyone else it seems, I’ve been walking, and walking, and walking these days. But to change things up, especially on rainy days, I’m trying two other exercises. Over the years, I’ve taken yoga classes off and on; mostly off recently. But during quarantine, I found a 10-minute beginner yoga app that’s a nice break mid-morning or mid-afternoon. A little relaxation, a little stretching, a little balance practice. It works for me. Although the first pose has the unfortunate name of “corpse pose.” On the other hand, there’s the Scientific 7-Minute Workout app, which is more like the 4-minute workout for me. Jumping jacks, fine; side plank, not happening. Ab crunches, maybe a few. I guess I’ll be working my way up to the full 7. Sigh.